Jesús Odremán

Professional Video Editing
and Post-production

A Journey in Audiovisual Post Production

My career in the audiovisual industry spans over three decades, and it has been a dynamic and enriching journey. Among the key milestones, I highlight the following:

Early Years in Film Editing (1992-2000):
- I completed a film editing course with José Garrido Cruz.
- For ten years, I worked at Moviola, editing news, shorts, trailers, and collaborating on independent short and feature films using 35mm film.
Digital Evolution (1996-2000):
- I learned Photoshop and embraced non-linear digital editing with tools like Video Cube, DPS Video Action, Media 100, Avid, After Effects, and Premiere.
As a video editor, I contributed to informative programs, dramas, and television promotions.
Production Projects (2005-2012):
- I co-founded a production company with Blanca Rey.
- I collaborated on 60 productions, including 38 documentaries for two TV series and three short films for television broadcast.
International Scholarship (2008):
- I received an international scholarship from the Latin Union to study post-production at the Cinematographic Training Center in Mexico (CCC).
Higher Education (2018):
- I obtained a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual arts, specializing in editing and post-production at UNEARTE (Experimental University of the Arts) in Venezuela.
Contributions in Venezuela (2012-2018):
- I worked as an editor, colorist, post-production coordinator, and DCP facilitator for independent fiction, animation, and documentary feature films.
- I served as the post-production coordinator for the Villa del Cine Foundation.
- I managed the film archive at the National Cinematheque of Venezuela.
- I acted as a technical advisor and jury member in film festivals and audiovisual institutions.
- I taught editing and post-production at UNEARTE.
Contributions in Latin America (2014-2023):
- I advised, coordinated post-production, and facilitated DCP for film co-productions in Colombia and Puerto Rico.
Linux and DCP Experience (2014-Present):
- I adopted Linux and set up customized post-production workstations.
- I became a DCP facilitator using free software like DCPOMATIC.
- I promoted the use of free and open-source software in professional workflows.
Artistic Exploration (2014-2023):
- I delved into artistic photogrammetry using DSLR and Smartphones sensors in a Workflow in Linux and Windows with the free framework Meshroom by AliceVision, free and open software Blender 3D, and the suite DaVinci Resolve Studio by Blackmagic Design.
Experience in Spain (2019-Present):
- I have worked on an Amazon series, Spanish TV programs, and multimedia productions. As a freelance professional, I served as a documentary cameraman, post-production coordinator, DCP Facility and consultant for international feature films.
- As an E-learning content writer, I have written post-production manuals focused on color correction and audiovisual technology.
- I co-produced “La vida en un baile, (Blanca Rey, 2021)” an international feature documentary about flamenco dancer David Morales. The film’s post-production workflow was based on Linux, incorporating free and open-source software alongside DaVinci Resolve Linux.
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Moreover, I’ve authored articles covering audiovisual post-production, film appreciation, and biographies of film authors. These articles have been published in a narrative book, on social networks, and in cinema magazines. Additionally, I’ve published poetry on blogs and in collective anthology books.


Jesús Odremán
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